Assemblymember Ron T. Kim

“We need bold leaders who will wake up and go to bed thinking about how to put the needs of our most vulnerable members first.”

Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer

“Aleda is the kind of bold progressive leader we need in the City Council. Someone with new ideas and creative solutions that will make our City more just.”

Activist & Actor Cynthia Nixon

“Aleda knows that our wellness is shared, and will leave no New Yorker behind.”

Attorney & Educator Zephyr Teachout

“Aleda brings together two qualities that are rare to find in the same person: fierce, unafraid leadership, and a willingness to respect and engage and listen to people from a huge range of perspectives. I’m proud to endorse her.”

Forest Hills Green Team

“Aleda Gagarin…combines an exceptionally detailed climate policy agenda, and a proven record as an activist and innovator that will enable her to push the City forward.”

Activist & Organizer Samelys López

“She’s a principled leader who’s unafraid to stand her ground and call out injustice to center her community with dignity.”

District Leader Emilia Decaudin

“Aleda is a fighter and a leader. She brings a righteous energy to every project she puts her mind to, and does so with the needs of the community first and foremost.”

District Leader Mark Morrill

“Aleda is just the type of candidate the City Council needs to ensure a just and compassionate economic recovery for all New Yorkers in the years ahead.”

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